Thursday, 17 July 2008

The Return Of The Queens - (Mc)Queen's Royal Runway

Who claims that colonialism only brought with it disaster, grief and drawbacks? Alright, let us not get too political, but instead perceive it from the bright side. Not convinced yet? Let me tell you, your view will change in the following moments when you find yourself face to face with this season’s breathtaking collection by Alexander McQueen , for, if anything, it shone brighter than any other and has indeed taken its bearings from the British Empire’s former colonies.

According to, the designer said: ‘‘I've got a 600-year-old elm tree in my garden, and I made up this story of a girl who lives in it and comes out of the darkness to meet a prince and become a queen.’’ With the combination of having visited India, it is not surprising then that the designer’s collection awakes thoughts of the classical children’s novel ‘‘My Little Princess’’ and films such as ‘‘Elizabeth’’.

These inspirations were realized into a parade of royal colours, flouncy ballerina petticoats, jewel encrusted bodices and drapery of silk sashes, recalling the wardrobe of a Maharadsha. Add to that the rich variety of most exquisitely knitted lace, peacock feather bouquets as royal capita decoration and contemporary prints modernly portraying Queen Elizabeth II, and you will not know which insanely miraculous dress you would pick if you had the choice!

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