Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Fashion Goes Art

It is such a shame that most people view fashion only as a tool to make one fit harmoniously into society, to make one part of a greater group by following the same trends. This is superficial, a sad story: people see things but mostly pay little or no thought to the narrative behind what is in front of them.

I find this disrespectful to fashion and to the minds, who invest so much, time, energy and genuine passion into creating, designing, embellishing, painting - and a myriad of other activities - to enrich world's culture. CULTURE is indeed the key word!
We pay much attention to the arts when we speak of this word - visual arts, performing arts, music, and so on, but fashion is often excluded. I ask why? I find no justice in this treatment in and regard of fashion. Is it not an art to work with a goal in mind, which not only satisfies our aesthetic needs, but is furthermore functional? Is it not an art to merge a person's idea with his/ her skill - the skill of sketching like a master painter, cutting fabric into origami shaped pieces called clothing, stitching most detailed embroidery, knitting the finest lace and becoming inspired by the history of our world? The last point is what I am getting at now. I am saying that instead of only gasping at a gorgeous gown, we may as well think about where its design comes from. The creator was not bored and simply felt like scheming just this piece and we should bear it in mind. Inspiration led to it. And at this point design abridges fashion to art. Fashion is actually an evolving art. It masterfully takes cultural elements from the past to give them a more modern makeover, thus becoming an art on its own.

Furthermore, fashion does us a favour. - It is like a luxurious bazaar manifesting all the finest goods, each carrying the scent of a certain spice, making it an individual, non-replicable piece. And this is how style is born. Style is the highest stage of fashion. Thoughtfully and smartly assembling the goods offered to us by the fashion empire will yield our style. It is up to us what we make of it. So, give it more thought and not just vision.
On this note, I present to you several juxtapositions proving that fashion and art are inexorably linked. Look at these images yourself and I guarantee, you will grasp the connection. Fashion goes art.

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