Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Can Deyn Really Give EVERYTHING A Cool Makeover?

Granddad’s shabby jacket, torn leopard stockings reminding us of the eighties and shocking-red wayfarers – just a taste of Agyness Deyn’s tremendous wardrobe treasures. Crazy? Yes, but in a good way. As everyone knows, she is the Master of ‘COOL’, so it is no surprise that she will be the one to give the good old CK One Perfume’s image a makeover, just as she does with everything else that is labelled ‘passé’.

Aaah, THAT CK One perfume from the 1990s – a symbol of status, of prestige, of coolness... A squirt of the sweet fragrance and a pair of washed out jeans were the ingredients to become part of the ‘in’ crowd, an idol. And now, what has happened to our vintage friend and when has its funky reputation reached its downfall? Whatever the case, time has come to have Agyness wipe off its dusty cover.

So, once Deyn gives it a revamp, CK One should be certain to find its way back into the possession of many current ‘In’-clique members. But only time shall tell…

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